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Your massage therapy treatment will include classical massage movements as detailed below:

The Specific Purpose and Effects of Each Massage Movement:

NB. Massage techniques described below should only be practised by a qualified massage therapist


Camtouch-massage technique-Effleurage


Is slow, rhythmic, relaxing and soothing. It is used to aid lymphatic circulation, venous circulation, removal of metabolic waste, and tissue absorption of oxygen and nutrients from the blood. It is also used to relax the client and reduce fluid retention by assisting in tissue fluid exchange.



Petrissage & Kneading

Are more invasive movements intended to aid mobilisation of fatty and adhesive tissue, dispersal and removal of metabolic wastes and mobilisation of skin and fibrous tissue. Lymph drainage is aided by the lifting and pressure on the skin, which also relaxes muscles and eases discomfort.


Camtouch-massage technique- Petrissage & Kneading

Camtouch-massage technique-Frictions


Movements are more compressive and intended to aid mobilisation of fatty tissue and break down fibrous tissue and adhesions. Friction can also be applied to stretch tight scar tissue, and if use is prolonged can promote an anaesthetic result.




Intended to ease discomfort, stimulate nerves and muscles and promote local stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation.


Camtouch-massage technique- Vibrations


Camtouch-massage technique- Tapotement



Used to improve blood flow particularly affecting the skeletal structure, and to stimulate nerve and muscle.





Particularly affective in spinal areas – uses to stimulate nerves in the cranium and the spine, and to release adhesions between vertebrae.

Camtouch-massage technique- Neuromuscular


Camtouch-massage technique- Acupressure



Applied on specific points on the back, face and cranium, to promote positive energy flow in the body’s meridians.


Massage movements will vary due to the practitioners assessment of the client’s needs. The effect of each movement will be further enhanced by the speed, pressure, rhythm, repetition and direction with which each movement is applied.



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