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Indian Head Massage  - A Great Way to Relax and De-stress!

Stress is the modern day curse that we all suffer from time to time both physically and emotionally. Stress can cause a weakness in the nerves, impair circulation of the vital fluids to the brain creating tension, headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration and energy. Resulting ultimately in tiredness, possibly leading to chronic illness, poor self-esteem, self worth and depression.

The most natural way to relieve these symptoms is by Indian Head Massage.

Vitality increases as the circulatory and respiratory systems open up to provide fresh oxygen and vital fluids plus many other benefits. Indian Head Massage will rejuvenate and restore you and help you to reflect on what your body and soul demands in order to re-instate balance and equilibrium.


Camtouch - Indian Head Massage Techniques

Focusing on the upper body, back, shoulders, neck and head the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension, Indian Head Massage is a wonderful and beneficial treatment for de-stressing and restoring the individual.
  The techniques I use will:



 Reduce stress, provide relaxation and can induce a feeling of euphoria


 Free knots of muscular tension and relax connective tissue


 Aid the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems


 Stimulate arterial circulation, and increases venous and lymphatic flow


 Stimulate the skin and underlying nerve endings


 Aid the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products


 Assist the body in self healing!

 Indian Head Massage is a treatment based on ancient Ayurvedic (ancient Hindu Science) techniques. and involves massage to the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. 3 of the body’s 7 major Chakra centres (centres of spiritual energy), are stimulated by Indian Head Massage, helping to restore balance and restore vital energy.

Massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint movement. The massage also aids the condition and health of the hair, particularly when combined with the use of essential oils.

Camtouch - Indian Head Massage Techniques

Clothing does not need to be removed, (a T-shirt or similar is probably the most comfortable)  But some clients prefer to remove their top to prevent any oil staining.

Clients are seated in a comfortable chair during the massage treatment, which takes about 30 minutes. The treatment is subtle and deep, leaving the client feeling immensely relaxed, rejuvenated and deeply affected.

Indian Head Massage is a great introduction to the benefits of massage therapy especially for those are wheelchair bound, partially disabled, heavily pregnant, or self-conscious about removing any items of clothing!

Indian Head Massage is also an excellent therapy for those who are unable to undertake exercise.

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