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Essential oils pass through the skin since they are fat-soluble molecules and the skin contains cells, which are lipid (fat) rich membranes. Massage and heat increase the rate of absorption into the skin and the blood stream and it is suggested that some oils are metabolised within the skin. The rate of absorption can be as soon as one hour following the massage.


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Clinical Aromatherapy Massage combines the therapeutic effects of essential oils with massage therapy. A blend of essential oils is created to suit each individual’s requirements. The blend is then applied by classical massage techniques, which are adapted to provide the individual with a unique massage experience.

Skill and knowledge are obviously required in order to select and blend the appropriate oils, with regard to their chemical properties and safety features, as well as the practitioner’s familiarity with the bodies systems and functions to perform effective massage techniques.

Clinical aromatherapy massage is a holistic method of treating the individual. Rather than treat only the symptoms of the illness or disease, the holistic approach looks at treating the whole person. (Although in the case of specific problems such as a fungal infection in the toenails a local application can be applied consisting of one or two blended oils over a short intensive period.)









This is based on the principle that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and relies on natural remedies and substances rather than pharmaceutical drugs.

Holistic aromatherapy massage treatment focuses on: 


The physical state of the individual.


The emotional state of the individual.


Environmental and external influences affecting the individual.


The spirituality of the individual.


In order to bring the individual to a state of balance or equilibrium!


The Therapeutic Effects of Clinical Aromatherapy Massage:


A clinical aromatherapy massage provides the individual with a wonderful, immediate sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing! As well as boosting the body’s systems and assisting the elimination of toxins and waste materials.










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Oil is extracted from freshly picked yellow flowers of this tall tropical tree. The flower heads are steam distilled to produce the essential oil. Ylang Ylang is known for its light fresh balsamic, but slightly spicy aroma. Ylang Ylang is popular in a blend with both men and women due to its aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic and sedative qualities.  It is also boosts the circulatory system.

Ylang Ylang - Used in blending essential oils

Ylang Ylang


Blending/combining essential oils produces a synergy effect – where oils noted for particular therapeutic properties i.e., anti-inflammatory action – will produce a more powerful effect when combined, rather than single oil being applied.

Clinical Aromatherapy Abdominal Massage - Vibrations

Clinical Aromatherapy Abdominal Massage - Vibrations

Vibration stokes are used over the abdominal area during a Clinical Aromatherapy Massage to stimulate and clear the colon - great for sufferers of IBS, constipation or digestive disorders.